Sarah Brody is self-taught singer. She's enjoyed singing since she was 11. Sarah Brody, unbeknownst to most and those that we tell still don't believe us, also taught herself the keyboard and guitar. That's right, not one lesson! She plays by ear!

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In 2015, Sarah Brody was invited to play with Midlife Crisis, a band that has been playing together for approximately 12 years. They played at Calabasas High School for a fundraiser for AYSO, Region 71. You can view the pictures here. What an honor this was!

So come follow Sarah on her journey of music!
Please visit her YouTube Channel to see more songs here.

SuperMarket Flowers-Ed Sheeran Cover, by Sarah Brody.

"This song seems is personal because Ed wrote it about his grandmother passing, and every time I hear it, it reminds me of my grandpa who passed years ago. Everyone has their own story and this song is so relatable. It makes me envision my grandfather as an angel; spreading his wings and returning "home." Every time I sing or hear this song, he's all I think about."

How would you feel-Ed Sheeran Cover, by Sarah Brody

Lost Boy Cover-Ruth B, Sarah Brody singing... Listen and watch!!