Sarah Brody is very much interested in modeling. If you wish to contact Sarah, her email is listed below.

Sarah Brody has been a soccer player since she was 8 years old. Sarah played regular soccer and tournament by invitation only for many years.

Sarah Brody lives in California. Sarah finished high school and has completed her pre-nursing classes in college and working, waiting to get into a nursing program and wants to become a nurse anesthesiologist!

Sarah Brody was invited to go to Europe for 2 weeks with her coach during her high school years. The girls were coached by two of her coaches here along with techniques by European coaches. Sarah Brody played a renowned tournament game in Sweden. After having gone to Europe for the two weeks and played there, it was a great experience for Sarah and her teammates. A once in a lifetime vacation for her.

Sarah has a beautiful voice and plays piano and guitar by ear. Sarah has never had a piano lesson or guitar lesson, all self taught. In 2015, Sarah Brody was invited to play with Midlife Crisis, a band that has been playing together for approximately 11 years. They played at Calabasas High School for a fundraiser for AYSO, Region 71. You can view the pictures here. What an honor this was!

Sarah, in her spare time, Sarah showed her Bearded Collie, Sapphire, and did some agility with her. Sapphire has retired and Sarah is showing Emerald in limited shows and will be showing Emerld's puppy Tootsie soon. Sarah Brody has been honored by the Bearded Collie Club of America as Best Junior Handler 3 years in a row! That honor gets her a beautiful print and college scholarship money!

Sarah now has "Shop Sarah's Stash" on Facebook and Etsy. Check out her store! You can click on the link or send her an email!

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